Home Inspection

Buyers... If you’re buying a home;   you should seriously think about having it inspected. Why? Because no home is perfect therefore it is imperative to understand the condition of the home before you purchase.   Protect Your Investment by being proactive; discovering on your own or through the help of professionals the condition of the home you are about to purchase.  It makes perfect financial sense. That upfront money you spend in ascertaining the homes' condition will pay you dividends in the long run and provide confidence that you have made the right decision.  Or maybe… it might save you from buying someone else’s problem.

Buyers... REO and HUD properties (Bank Owned);    are sold under the pretense of “Caveat Emptor”, which means “Let the Buyer beware”. Consequently the buyer will be required to execute addendums before the bank will accept the buyers' purchase offer.   Through these addendums the buyer accepts responsibility for discovering the condition of the home and the Bank exonerates itself from all liability in relation to the home.

Buyers & Sellers... The Colorado Association of Realtors strives to promote Arm’s Length Transactions. Therefore the Buy Sale Contract allows the buyer to inspect the home under contract. If through the inspection process the buyer finds one or more unacceptable conditions the contract provides the Buyer the option to renegotiate or terminate the contract without penalty.

Buyers & Sellers... One last thought… The intent of the inspection process is one of discovery.   It was never intended to be used as a method to negotiate a lower purchase price but rather a method to resolve latent defects.   Find a good Realtor who can negotiate the best possible purchase price upfront based on facts, figures, location, condition and comparable sold properties before going under contract.  The end result will be an equitable deal with a lot less stress.   When Buyers and Sellers deal with each clearly and honestly negotiations go a lot smoother and each party is more willing to negotiate.

Sellers... Currently Colorado Real Property Statute is trending towardCaveat Venditor”, which means “Let the Seller beware”. Currently Sellers are only required to disclose what they know and not required to discover what they don't know.   However, some Sellers are stating that they have no knowledge of the property condition in an effort to circumvent liability, don't do it. The statute is clear; if you hold title to a property and it can be proven that you had prior knowledge of a defect you are liable and can be made to pay restitution to the buyer.   Therefore Sellers; disclose, disclose, disclose... It will save you money before and after the sale!        

 * Inspector Certifications *
Make sure the professionals you hire to do your inspections are qualified by checking their credentials.
American Society of Home Inspectors
International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
National Association of Home Inspectors
 ASHI General Overall Inspection

This inspection provides a cursory look at the entire house.  The purpose is to identify problem areas throughtout the home inside and out and to determine if a specialist should come in and take a closer look.  This inspection should be the very first inspection performed because of its inclusiveness.

Coyle Home Inspection Engineers 
Home Spy Property Inspections 
Precision Property Inspections 
Pillar To Post Home Inspection 
Home Inspection Engineers 
 InspectPro Engineer / Inspector
 List of ASHI Certified Inspectors
 List of InterNACHI Certified Inspectors
Mold Testing 

Purpose of this testing is to identify the type, quantity and location of mold growing within the home.  This testing in most cases results from the identification of moist areas within the home during the general inspection .

A Healthy Home 
Radon Testing 

Radon is prevalent in the Colorado area and has been identified as a health hazard at elevated levels. All homes should be tested for Radon. 

 A Healthy Home
 Search the NRPP Data Base for an Inspector
Sewer Scope

This inspection should be done on all homes, most definitely on older homes.  A Fiber Optic Cable attached to a video camera is ran the length of the sewer line from the home to the city main sewer line.  Any breaks, cracks or disjoints are easily identified.  Sewer line repairs are expensive catch them before you buy.

Hydro Physics 
 Garvins Sewer Service
Chimney Inspection  If the general inspection uncovered a problem with the fireplace or it just needs cleaning or there are varmints in the flue you should have the chimney inspected and cleaned. Chimney Sweep of America

If the general inspection uncovered evidence of Methamphetamine use within the home or you are concerned that Methamphetamine might have been used within the home have it tested.  Meth Residues are dangerous to the occupants and must be removed.

Septic Systems

Septic Systems must be inspected, pumped and certified that they are operational by the county prior to sale.

Jefferson County Public Health Department 
List of Certified Inspectors 
Well Systems

Wells must be tested to make sure the supply is potable, the gallons per minute and storage are sufficient and that all components of the system are functional. 
Wells must be registered with the state of Colorado and the transfers of ownership recorded.

List of Licensed Well Contractors
Colorado Division of Water Resources 
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