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My Mission is to help anyone who truly wants to own a home find fiancing that is fair and honest; and then find those folks a home that meets their desires within their price range.

My Business is based on Referrals therefore who I entrust with my clients needs is crucial to my Business.   I receive absolutely no compensation for recommending these lenders.   I offer them to you because they are the best of the best, or provide a service or product that no one else provides...

Here is a list of lenders that I have found to be honest and trust worthy




Direct Phone

Cell Phone


Type of Lender

Michael Roth  Elevations CU 303.402.5455 720.442.1641 Credit Union
Mike Echery  Commerce Mortgage 303.385.1121 303.817.3818 Mortgage Broker
Donna Hudson MegaStar Financial 303.255.5944 303.886.2129 Mortgage Broker
Kim Hubbard  Merchants Mortgage 303.770.6801 303.898.1366 Hard Money 
Bill Ezell Guild Mortgage 303.986.3105  720.371.4791 Credit Challenged

 NEIGHBORHOOD ASSISTANCE CORPORATION OF AMERICA...   Is a Non-profit Advocacy & HUD Certified Counseling Agency NACA provides everyone one mortgage product, which is the best mortgage solution available anywhere featuring; No downpayment, No closing costs, No fees, below market fixed interest rate and character based credit requirements.  NACA is unique in that they counsel and ultimately qualify everyone into this one incredible product which makes homeownership affordable. They are committed to counsel all prospective homebuyers until they succeed in purchasing thier own affordable home.

NACA provides free, personalized, and comprehensive counseling to all their Members in an effort to address individual credit and financial issues and help determine an affordable mortgage payment. NACA’s counseling and underwriting criteria are “character-based” and not based on credit scores and ratios. This enables NACA to fulfill their mission of assisting working people who might not otherwise have access to affordable credit. Consequently, the vast majority of NACA Members have low to moderate income, many of whom have neither perfect credit nor substantial savings.
If you already own a home and are in trouble with your current Mortgage NACA can help you find a way to save your home.  Call me at (303) 204 4942 or fill out the  Info Request Form  for more information on how to contact NACA for help.

CHFAColorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA)...
CHFA is a state backed mortgage loan which allows low to moderate income buyers to purchase a home with as little as $1000 down.  All other costs / fees are financed or covered by the Seller.  It is not necessary to be a first time home buyer but you must not currently own a home.  Credit qualifications are FICO score driven but FICO scores as low as 580 and below can qualify with a little work and perseverance on the purchasers part.

To be Eligible for A CHFA loan....

  • Your Income must be within the limits for the area of purchase;
  • You must attend a free in-person or online Homebuyer Education class if you are a first time homebuyer, or an online Money Management class if you are not; and...   
  • You must contribute a minimum amount of $1000.00 toward the purchase of your home 


Buyer guidelines and programs are constantly changing therefore it is best to contact a lender and talk to them directly about your unique situation.  In general if you pay your bills on time, have been employed for a couple of years, you will most likely qualify for this program. 

If not I know we can get you qualified under the NACA program.  If you would like to discuss your options and learn more about this program or others that you might qualify for, call me at (303) 204 4942 or fill out the 
Info Request Form .   If you truly want to own your own home, I can help you achieve home ownership, sooner than later...  But you have to take the first step and call me....

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