I recieved an email the other day from one of my old roomates who just
went through the home buying experience.  You don't need to read the
entire thing to get the picture that he didn't have a good experience.  I
am so glad that it worked out that I knew a good and honest person to help
me through the biggest purchase of my life.  It made the experience for me
all together different from my friends experience.  I consider it a
blessing that I was able to work with you instead of picking somebody at
random and ending up feeling the way my friend does.
        You will prosper in this business.  Anybody that
works with you will most likely feel the way that I do, and
it's just a matter of numbers before the word gets around and believe me
it will. 
        I just wanted to thank you for making my home buying experience a
good one. 
Professional Research Assistant (calibration)
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


The process of finding and purchasing the perfect house can be daunting and overwhelming.
Terry's experience, knowledge and service was exceptional. He helped make the whole process
stress free and fun. I couldn't be happier with my new home and have found a real estate agent
for life. Thanks Terry, for all your hard work.

Good Luck with everything


Terry is an excellent realtor.  He has a profound knowledge of the home selling and buying processes, in addition to an understanding of home construction.  He is thoughtful and insightful focusing on our needs and wants to make sure we searched for and located the right home.  He is always professional in dealing with us, taking all the time we need to thoroughly make sure we understand all parts of the process. Terry was skillful and helpful in dealing with the purchasing of our home and he ensured that everything worked out the way we wanted once we moved in.  We know we can rely on Terry to give us helpful, honest advice and all the support we need as homeowners.  We trust him completely to help us with our home and would turn only to him if we ever search for a home again.

Doug and Jessica


We are thrilled with our experience with Terry Leach’s realty
services.  Terry is a professional in every sense of the word.  We
looked at over 60 properties; Terry demonstrated incredible patience
with us as we progressed with the search.  For each new viewing, his
keen sense of what a buyer is and is not looking for brought us closer
until we found just the right home.  Through the entire experience, he
remained absolutely committed to making sure we were satisfied with
our purchase.

Terry possesses a huge knowledge base and understanding of the housing
market, and not just with spot-on market analysis, mortgage finance
and real estate processes.  With substantial background in home
construction and improvement, he also can provide skilled, honest
advice concerning possible problems with a property that a potential
home buyer could face, or could negotiate in a purchase contract.

Not only were we able to buy a home that we love with Terry’s help but
we sold our former property through him, as well.  His adeptness on
marketing a home successfully enabled us to sell our house in less
than one week!  And, since that time, Terry has further assisted us
with the process of a successful mortgage refinance, and occasional
advice about how to get the most out of our investment in our
neighborhood.  He's always helped us in the right direction.

We may at some point sell the home we’re in now and Terry Leach will
be the first and only realtor we’ll call!

Dean and Michelle


My husband and I had the great fortune of meeting up with Terry in 2009 when we decided to
both sell our luxury home and then purchase a new one with him during a depressed real
estate market.  Well, in no time at all,  it was "mission accomplished" with the help of Terry Leach. 
We  consider him to be our friend as well as mentor at the end of our transactions.  

Terry assisted in listing our unique property using state of the art, professional photography, 
beautiful color brochures, spectacular home staging and open house techniques.  His knowledge
of the real estate market,  along with his assessment of repairs needed to make the house sell
at optimum price were very instrumental in finding the perfect new buyer for our home. 

Terry listened carefully to us every step of the way,  which I would consider to be his very best skill. 
He is able to really hear what is said and interpret that into success in both selling and buying.  For
example,  there was a point during the sale of the old property in which we told him,  the prospective
buyers were going to be willing to pay top price for our property if we just held out.  He understood that, 
and in the end,  it was not necessary to budge on the price and we received top value for our home. 

However,  the place that Terry really shines is in the home purchasing area.  I consider this to be his
real calling.    He carefully questioned each of us as to our list of requirements for the new home,  and
really LISTENED!    He showed us as many homes as we could possibly see,  and was very careful to
understand  the strengths and weaknesses of each property from our prospective.  Each time we went
out to see possible properties,  he had fine tuned our search.  For example,  when going to see houses, 
I preferred to not know the asking price up front so that I could evaluate the property itself without the
financial impact.  My husband however, being the "bang for the buck" man,  really wanted to see the listing
Price  up front.  So,  when we met up with Terry to go shopping,   my paperwork on each house did not
showed the asking price, while my husband's included all the financial information.  Further,  the lot size
on each home became larger with each home as it appeared we really valued a large space and the
number of bedrooms reduced as he determined that we did not really need 6 bedrooms, preferring a large
living space instead.   

Shortly after beginning our home search,  Terry found the perfect home for us.  He identified it, 
prescreened it,  and then arranged a showing.  Of course we fell in love.  Naturally, no real estate
transaction is not without it's bumps in the road,  but after some tense contract negotiations by Terry, 
we were moving in the sofa! 

We entrusted Terry with selling our higher end home and then finding us a higher end replacement.
These were not tract homes in Aurora for $100.000 that we were dealing with but over a 1/2 million homes.

At the end of the day,  any homeowner,  buyer, or seller would be fortunate to retain Terry Leach for their
real estate transactions. Whether purchasing your first home,  or your dream estate,  his honesty,  integrity, 
and a true willingness to listen and negotiate for his client will make your  experience with Terry memorable. 



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